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PADI Night Diver


Don’t be afraid of the dark - night diving is one of the most exciting dives you can do. The thought of dipping below the surface at night seems mysterious, yet so alluring. See creatures you don’t see during the day: you think sand diving is boring - think again as at night it is alive with marine life, making night dives some of the best dives you’ll ever make. Join us on an overnight trip and get close to these amazing creatures.

Scuba diving at night teaches you to focus on what you can see in your light’s beam, on controlling your buoyancy by feel, on staying with your buddy and on paying attention to details you may overlook during the day. You’ll practice light handling and communication techniques, entering, exiting and navigating in the dark and identifying how plants and animals differ or change behavior at night.

Duration: 1 - 2 days
Number of dives: 3