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Overnight Trips


Go further or longer and get a bigger taste of exclusive diving in unexplored waters. Our custom built overnight liveaboards depart at 7.00am on the first day to go out to Koh Rong Saloem, Koh Tang or Koh Prins to bring you the best of visibility and dive sites in these areas. For the trip, you should bring everything you would need for a day on a secluded beach. In particular we recommend: sunscreen, hat, swimsuit and a book. Everything else you need is included in the trip, there are no hidden costs. Trips planned for Koh Prins may leave at 6.00am.

Breakfast is served on board during the journey and soft drinks, fruit and snacks are provided all day. Once at the island, divers will do their first dive (we aim for at least 50 or 60 min dives, no 40 min diving here!) and the snorkellers can get in and explore the underwater world. Unless otherwise requested, dives will take place at different dive sites.

During the long surface interval, we will have lunch and either we’ll be on our way to a different dive site and you’ll be relaxing on the boat, or if we stay, maybe taking a walk on the beach – the choice is yours. Divers complete the second dive plus a night dive, dinner is served and then you can let the sea gently lull you to sleep. The following day, divers will do 2 dives and breakfast will be served in between. Snorkellers can elect to do as much or as little snorkelling as they wish. After the second dive, we will have lunch and head back to Sihanoukville, aiming to arrive around 4-5pm.

You can rent an underwater camera for the day to preserve your memories or try a DPV (underwater jet-ski). You can also opt to dive on Nitrox if you are certified and dive computers are available for daily rental.